The Organizers

The Pluspol GmbH is a team of marketing and communication specialists who cover projects from the online and offline range.

The company was founded by Wolfgang Frank in 2006. Today the company has six permanent employees.

Before founding Pluspol GmbH, Mr Frank held several leading positions in marketing with subsidiary companies of United Internet AG (1&1 Internet AG, Schlund und Partner AG).

Exhibition marketing is expanding within Pluspol GmbH, e.g. with developing and organizing the Open Source Park at CeBIT.

Members of the exhibition team have been dealing with the organization of group presentations / pavilions since 2001. At CeBIT (World of Solutions, Internet Park) those covered an area of more than 10.000 sqm for val-u Marketing GmbH, later Convigate GmbH. Both companies were subsidiaries of 1&1 Internet AG.

In 2003 the Linux Park was launched in cooperation with Linux New Media AG. With offering that kind of know-how, the subsequent decision of Deutsche Messe AG (organizers of CeBIT) to assign the development of the Open Source Park for the year 2010 and following to Pluspol may be deemed as sound.

In 2013 development and establishment of the Mobile Enterprise Park was additionally started.